Red Pepper Joins Forces with Wynshop to Deliver Seamless Access to Enhanced Shopper Experiences and Increased Sales

Red Pepper Joins Forces with Wynshop to Deliver Seamless Access to Enhanced Shopper Experiences and Increased Sales

Retailers can unlock unparalleled engagement with shoppers by leveraging Wynshop’s digital commerce platform now integrated with Red Pepper’s digital circular, shopping insights, and personalized marketing. 

Red Pepper, a premier provider of shopper engagement solutions, today announced a new strategic partnership with Wynshop, a digital commerce platform for local store-based retailers, combining their collective expertise to deliver unparalleled value, data insights, and personalization for grocers across the globe. 

The partnership combines Red Pepper’s digital weekly circular, shopper insights, and local area marketing capabilities with Wynshop’s digital commerce platform. This is critical, as more than half (54%) of consumers look for online deals when choosing where to buy their weekly groceries, according to the National Retail Federation. Eighty-two percent (82%) of shoppers say they will change their stores to take advantage of weekly specials. Together, Red Pepper and Wynshop will give retailers a competitive solution to attract, understand, and convert shoppers into customers. 

“The modern shopper has the means to explore, research, compare and share every purchase decision. Retailers, therefore, need to do more to attract and engage their customers, giving them the shoppable experiences they are looking for,” said Greg Radford, CEO of Red Pepper. “We are very excited to partner with the Wynshop team to give retailers the control and flexibility they now require across the modern shoppers’ digital experience.”

The benefits of the Red Pepper and Wynshop partnership include:

  • Increased shopper engagement: The digital weekly circular showcases products in a curated way, educating and informing shoppers in the research phase of their shopper journey. Shopper insights help retailers understand what shoppers are engaging with, so they can tailor their marketing and promotions accordingly. Local area marketing delivers localized and personalized offers to shoppers, driving increased traffic to physical stores and online shopping.
  • Increased sales: The partnership will help retailers increase sales by driving more traffic to their stores and website, increasing conversion rates, and improving customer loyalty.
  • Reduced costs: The partnership will help retailers reduce costs by streamlining their marketing and promotional efforts.

“We are committed to helping our clients future-proof their businesses through innovation,” said Charlie Kaplan, CRO of Wynshop. “This partnership with Red Pepper will give our clients the tools they need to create a more personalized and engaging shopping experience for their customers.”

The Red Pepper and Wynshop partnership is a win-win for retailers and shoppers alike. Retailers will be able to create more personalized and engaging shopping experiences that will drive sales and loyalty. Shoppers will benefit from a more convenient and informative shopping experience that will help them save time and money.

About Red Pepper

Red Pepper is a leader in retail technology, dedicated to optimizing shopper engagement. Traditional loyalty is a thing of the past as the modern shopper has the means to explore, research, compare, and share every purchase decision. Red Pepper’s Shopper Engagement Platform allows retailers to engage digitally with existing customers, attract new shoppers, learn about their preferences, and ultimately drive sales in-store and online.

About Wynshop

Wynshop is an ambitious team of digital innovators obsessed with a solitary mission—helping grocers and other local store-based retailers grow wildly successful online businesses. Its refreshingly easy-to-use digital commerce platform enables efficient in-house picking, reduces fulfillment costs, and gives retailers the ability to control every facet of their customers’ digital shopping experience. This results in a more personalized customer journey and amplified shopper loyalty. Learn more at

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